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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Barreras expects to close one contract for two ships.

The shipyard from Vigo Barreras expects to close "in spring" at least one of the eight negotiations they maintained opened in order to solve "the problem of the order book" suffered by the Galician naval sector nowadays. The president of the company, Mr. José Francisco González Viñas, revealed that negotiations are "very advanced" and they are about "high level negotiations" which are about one hundred million euro. Mr. González Viñas explained "anything is secure yet", but he was convinced they are going to close at least one contract that involves the construction of two ships. Furthermore, he clarified that all the conversations are established with private foreign ship owners.
The president of Barreras pointed ships renovation as one of the alternatives to the lack of orders, an idea that he explained to the Secretary General of Industry, Ms. Teresa Santero, with whom he was in a meeting during her visit to Vigo.
His proposal in based in the progressive adaptation of the fleet that "do not fulfil environmental rules", in order to Government contribute with incentives for ship owner to them change their "obsolete" ships into more ecological ones during times when the amount of work is low, as it happens nowadays.

The Secretary of Industry also met the president of the Galician Naval Cluster (Aclunaga), Mr. José Domínguez (Factorias Vulcano), who assesses in a very positive way his meeting with Mrs. Santero, from whom he noticed "a lot of sensitivity" regarding sector problems.
Mr. Domínguez explained to Secretary General of Industry the difficulties that will begin to be generated because of the fall of number of orders and he pointed the convenience of encourage the renovation of ships, over all to attend news "environmental requirements", that he considered "very necessary".
Likewise, he repeated obstacles ship owners are finding to obtain financing and, therefore, to promote new contracts, what can cause very important consequences for the naval sector. (Fuente: Faro de Vigo)