27th to 29th of Oct 2020
27th, 28th & 29th
OCT 2020



Brussels will invest 3,400 million in the Galileo to replace the EE.UU technology. Spain will control to 1,800 ships from its center of operations in Madrid The European Union will send to space before the end of the year the first piece of the constellation of 30 satellites that will serve to make an automatic pursuit of the communitarian fleets fishing and merchant, and that until now was done by means of the use of the North American system GPS-Inmarsat and the Russian platform Glonass. The cost of the Galileo will be of 3,400 million euros and, according to the calendar of launchings, its conclusion is predicted for November of the 2010, although it is probable that it can already be partially usable in the 2008. The European project to create a positioning system and world-wide location will avoid the dependency of American technology, but not only in the plane of the naval location. To have an own system of monitoring at the time of determining when it enters a foreign water ship communitarian or contributing to the defense of catched European fishing boats is only one application of other options like civil engineering, social transports terrestrial and aerial, emergencies, antiterrorist environmental and political protection.

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