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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Armon and Nodosa building the largest boats for Vigo’s fishing shipowners

Vigo’s shipyard is building a freezer ship for Copemar and Marin’s shipyard for Pescapuerta and Pereira

Next year, Vigo’s fishing companies Copemar, Pescapuerta and Pereira will launch three state-of-the-art freezer vessels being built at Ría de Vigo shipyard (in Armón) and in Nodosa. They are the largest fishing boats manufactured in recent years for this sector and all three will operate in Malvinas Islands waters.

“Hadassa Bay”, 75 m-long and GT 2,493 tons, will replace Copemar's ill-fated 'Baffin Bay', which caught fire and sank in 2020 and ended up being scrapped. The ship is visible from Beiramar on one of the steps of the old Hijos de J. Barreras (now called Ría de Vigo) and is heading towards the final stretch of the work before being launched. Launching is scheduled next 25th of March with delivery to the South Atlantic Squid joint venture, formed between the Galician fishing company and its Malvin partner Beauchene Fishing, at the end of the year.
Nodosa shipyard, in Marín, launched 'Prion' last Monday, considered one of the largest ships in the South Atlantic fleet in recent times. Sized 85 m-long and 14 m-wide, the Pescapuerta vessel, has a rapid ultra-freezing plant with its local partners in the Falkland Islands, and among the technical innovations it presents an inverted bow, a unique design that allows better navigation in weather adverse conditions. It has a tank to store biodegradable waste during lifting and launching rig manoeuvres, an approved incinerator to avoid throwing garbage into the sea and state-of-the-art aviaries to protect seabirds. The fishing vessel is scheduled to be delivered at the end of this year to the shipowner, Petrel Fishing Company, owned by the Pescapuerta Group.

Pereira gets rearmed
Nodosa is working on another freezer trawler for another company from Vigo, Pereira. It is the “New Argos”, with a length of 85 meters, and which will be the largest unit ordered by the shipbuilding company from a shipyard. The ship's hull was designed to optimize seakeeping in adverse situations and reduce fuel consumption (inverted bow). Its delivery is also scheduled at the end of 2024 with the idea of carrying out its first campaign at the beginning of 2025 to capture Patagonian squid. The vessel will be operated by Orion Fishing Company, a joint venture owned by Armadora Pereira. It continues the renewal and modernization of its fleet after the premiere a few years ago of “Argos Cíes”, also built by Nodosa, replacing the historic “Estai”.

The Marín shipyard has another freezer trawler under construction, an international contract for a New Zealand shipowner. It is called “Voyager” and its delivery is scheduled for 2026.
Xunta demands Spanish Government another PERTE for shipbuilding industry

Xunta de Galicia demands central government to issue a new call for Shipbuilding PERTE to contribute the innovation and modernization of the Galician sector. This was stated yesterday by the Minister of Economy and Industry, María Jesús Lorenzana, who held a meeting with the Galician Naval Cluster (ACLUNAGA) to analyse the challenges of this industry. The Minister considers the cluster - which has 130 associates covering the entire value chain - essential for the drafting of the shipbuilding master plan Xunta de Galicia will prepare. Lorenzana recalled Galician shipbuilding industry ended 2023 leading the Spanish order portfolio, reaching fast 40% of the orders and that “it only received 8.39 percent of the total from PERTE,” the ministry reported.

(Source: Atlántico Diario)