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The best solution to the problems caused by sea water in marine engines

An equipment prevents the growth of algae and destroys snail shells and molluscs attached.

The most common problems that heat exchangers usually suffer are mainly caused by external agents, such as lime, seaweed, snail shells, molluscs. All this kind of external agents cause great damage to marine installations.

We must therefore pay special attention to the heat exchangers to prevent efficiency reduction and to ensure a proper functioning and avoid costly breakdowns. As an alternative to these problems, on the stand of Aquasonic Diesel in Navalia, information of the equipment for the treatment of sea water will be provided.Sea water equipment is a range of product that the company Aquasonic, owner of the project Aquasonic Diesel, has within their portfolio. It prevents the growth of algae and destroys snail shells and molluscs attached, providing significant savings in terms of cleaning, maintenance of the engine and cooling system. It´s technology is based on the emissions of electromagnetic pulses through water, obtaining extraordinary results in the engines and heat exchangers of the ships, by removing all these inlays
It is installed in the seawater suction pipe between the filter and the exchangers. This easy to install equipment does not need maintenance, electrical consumption is really low, it´s ecological and also harmless for human beings and the environment accomplishing the European declarations of conformity.

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