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One of the biggest ship owner's in China chooses Vigo to repair its Mauritanian fleet

The "holding" Pacific Andes, which is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, diverted to the port of Vigo six vessels operating in Mauritania to make repairs on board and supplied Chinese group Pacific Andes, one of the biggest holdings of fishing in the world by stock price, has chosen the Vigo's port to repair and provisioning of its African fleet. Six big ships of encirclement from seventy to one hundred meters length, they fish in the fishing ground of Mauritania and that, once finished the fishing season have arrived in Vigo for their maintenance. Most of the crew members of these vessels are housed in the city and some of them will remain here until the end of the year as it has been know this newspaper.
It's the first time for Pacific Andes to repair its large fishing vessels in the "Vigo's Ria". So far, the fleet that fishing in Mauritania- most have Peruvian flag -had as a reference point for repairs and provisioning the Canary Island port of Las Palmas, due to its proximity to the African fishery and shipbuilding tradition ( Las Palmas has one of the largest centers of naval repair of Spain). But the good work of Vigo's auxiliary naval industry has attracted this Chinese multinational to the RIA.
Among the ships moored at the port, stands out the Liafjord- recently acquired in Norway- the Pacific Hunter and the Pacific Conqueror, the last two ones of seventy meters length .Pacific Andes is one of the consortia linked to biggest industrial fisheries in Asia (and one of the largest Chinese importers), which currently employs 13,000 people and operates on five continents. Only in Qingdao (China) has a processing plant with a capacity to produce 60,000 tons of fillets fish per year. The Galician naval Industry has seen in repairing one of the main business to survive the drought of orders that affects all Galician shipyards years ago. One of the companies that is already doing business with Pacific Andes is vigo's IBERCISA, that is working nowdays on boats in the Mauritanian fleet, has just signed a contract to supply machinery (electric razors) for nine new vessels that the Asian giant is building in Chinese shipyards . The amount of the transaction is 14 million euros.
Parallel, Vigo's Metalships leads a project to consolidate its shipyard as an service center for naval repair for vessels over 230 meters in length, for which plans to build a new floating dock. This infrastructure would enable it to repair ships that nowadays have to go to shipyards as Astander or Las Palmas.

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