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Vigo's Rodman group will build three patrol boats to the Oman Sultanate with a value of 12 million Euros

The boats, 30 meters length and 101 Rodman series, will provide them 45.000 hours of work Sultanate of Oman has already signed an agreement with Vigo's shipyard Rodman Polyships to build three patrol boats "Rodman 101 XXk" for the coastal police of the Arabian country with a value of 12 million Euros. The boats, 30 meters length, will be delivered next year and will provide to the company 45.000 hours of work.
This is not the first time that Rodman built patrol boats for this Arabian country, as in previous years they delivered another 14 patrol boats of 16 meters length, from more of the 200 that throughout his career he has delivered to the different Spanish and foreign governments.
Parallel, Meira's shipyard is negotiating the construction of new units for the security services, police, coastguard and customs with other Arab countries as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain, which would allow the shipyard to enter in a new phase of full activity.
The contest awarding to Rodman Polyships was signed on last July 28 and notified through a letter signed by the Oman's General Inspector of Police and Customs, General Hassan Bin Mohsin Bin Salim al Shereiqi.
The boats that Oman will acquire have their origin in a 2001year project with great acceptance by the Customs Surveillance Service, the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard and Galician Coast Guard.
The Customs Surveillance Service has its first Rodman patrol boat in 2001, called "Gerifalte". In 2010, the Customs Service had a total of eleven boats of this model.
Meanwhile, the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard received the first Rodman 101 in 2002, even if it was a little different from the custom services ones on the engine, hull protection and electronics. They also have a stern ramp and are equipped with an inflatable boat five meters in length and 125 horsepower. The Civil Guard Maritime Service received a total of 15 patrol boats, two of them by other ministries, which are currently in operation 14, after ruined aground the first of them and definitely disappear in 2008.
The Galician coastguard services has received a patrol boat by the Ministry of Environment, called "Paio Gomez Charino". The Rodman 101 is also serving in the military and security services from Surinam, Morocco, Philippines, Nicaragua and Cameroon. In total 66 boats Rodman 101 class has been built until today .
These 101 patrol boats, even if its configurations can be different, has an 30 meters length , 5,90 beam, 3,40 meters draft, 3.100 horsepower and a displacement of 85 tons. Developing an speed of 35 knots, achieved an autonomy of 650 miles and have a10 members crew. (FARO DE VIGO)

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