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Foreign investors negotiate its entry in the naval repair sector

The CRN shareholders decide to continue with the project and look for some lands in Rías Baixas and in Ferrol The Vigo Naval Repair Centre (CRN) shareholders; met yesterday in Zona Franca Consortium auditorium decided to "give a strong boost" to the project due to the big demand in ships repair nowadays. Everything is waiting to find some suitable lands to locate the installations "that would offer all the needed services for ships repair".
In the meeting they focus in the looking for lands, especially "those of the shipyards that can loose their activity because of the crisis" as in Rías Baixas as in Ferrol, as well as other locations in the Galician coast. "Although the most probably and immediate is to install ourselves in a shipyard", said sources from the operation.
The Vigo Naval Repair Centre has 33 companies from the sector as shareholders that include all the ships repair process from shipyards to industrial electricity, motors, specialized soldering and naval fitting out.
Sources say that if the Repair Centre already had installations "it would be very easy to gain repair contracts because a lot of ship-owners are extending the useful life of their vessels, but these have to pass very strict inspections to continue working. And here it is where a repair centre works".
In the meeting financing options have been considered for the project, negotiations with multinational companies interested in participate had been established.
The idea of setting up a repair centre is four years old and its board of directors is composed by people strongly linked with the naval sector. The board of directors is chaired by José García Costas (Mecanasa) and it is composed also by Julio Gómez (Vicalsa), Mario Cardama (Astilleros Cardama), Javier de Felipe (Coterena), Salvador González (Panelfa) and Enrique Mallón (secretary).
The project of create the society Centro de Reparaciones Navales started from the metallurgical Galician association (ASIME), with the aim of wining vessels that realize maritime traffic in front of the Galician coast.
An open initiative
The initiative was opened to all the naval sector companies, including shipyards.
At the beginning 54 companies added to the project, 17 of them would left it in November 2009, after the unsuccessful purchase of two docks from the shipyard Metalships. At this time the Bouzas terminal and the Berbes breakwater are taking into account as possible locations, where docks would be installed.
Nevertheless, at the end the society had decide to buy the Rodman Group installations but the disagreement on the sale price let the business unresolved.
The initial project consider a turnover higher than 75 millions Euros in 2010. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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