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Contsa buys Astilleros de Huelva

It will operate the installations from Andalucía, in creditor's meeting, to repair and build catamarans The company from Vigo Construcciones y Transformaciones Navales, Contsa, closed yesterday a deal with the Regional Government from Andalucía to reactivate the Astilleros de Huelva installations that had been closed since October 2010.
The sole administrator of the company, Urbano Alonso Fraga, said yesterday that its industrial plan will be based on vessels repair and building of less than 100 tones aluminium boats. Contsa has established the affiliate Astilleros Contsa Huelva, with its headquarters in Huelva and with Contsa as the major shareholder.
The businessman from Vigo, that visited Huelva with the Regional Ministers of Economy and Employ, Rafael Ávila and Manuel Recio, explained that it is an "easy project" that is due to the company decision of close its Portuguese affiliate Estaleiros Navais do Mondego located in Figueira da Foz.
According the company strategy Contsa Huelva will be divided in two sections: the first one will be destined to repair, and it will count with the experience of Astilleros de Huelva workers. The second section will be specialized in aluminium catamarans building and the company has design for this a staff profile composed by young people previously trained.
To use the Astilleros de Huleva assets, nowadays in creditors meeting (it has a 300 millions Euros debt), the company from Huelva and Contsa will sign a rent contract of 18 months, waiting for the installations auction.
One year ago, Contsa tried to re-launch the shipyard from Vigo MCies, after its creditor's meeting, but the installations auction in different lots makes the operation impossible. (Source: LA VOZ DE GALICIA)

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