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Baliño signs the biggest contract of its history with a electric company from Panama

It will make two 5 MW hydraulic turbines for a hydroelectric power station of 4 millions Euros. The company from Vigo, Baliño has signed yesterday the biggest contract f its history with a electric company from Panama, they will made for them two hydraulic turbines for a hydroelectric power station of 4 millions Euros. This contract consolidates the naval auxiliary presided by José García Costas in the turbines market, that this year will represent the 60% of its turnover. The machines are bigger than 8 meters and have 5MW .
The delivery time is 18 months, but the first parts will be transport next August. The generators are 55 tones each. The machines, Kaplan model, have been hired by a company from Panama which biggest shareholder is the group from Granada Cuerva, specialized in the electric sector that is making a hydraulic power station in the province from Panama Chiriqui, feed by the Fonseca River.
It is the second work made by Baliño in Panama (it had made three 1.700 kilowatt model Francis turbines). According Ramón Prego, general manager of the company from Vigo, Baliño has gone abroad due to the "paralysis" suffered by the mini hydraulic power stations market in Spain because of the ecological "pressures" that have slow the investments down. "Governments are withdrawing awardings over the Spanish rivers".
Baliño is the only one which produces propulsion systems for ships and since the eighties is the biggest supplier of Roll-Royce in the maritime sector. The brand came into the turbines market in 1990, and since then it has made more than 55 machines. Until some years ago, the naval business represented the 85% of the turnover, but the crisis in this sector has reversed this trend.
"This year the turbines will be the 60% of the turnover", said Prego, who recognize that the naval sector not get over yet. Baliño foresees a turnover of 12 millions Euros for this year, a "bad" number comparing with other times. Which have forced the company to extend the dismissal presented in 2010, and that has allowed maintaining the 65 jobs in Coruxo.
Baliño has taken over two of the three turbines from the Institute for the Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE). Is the only Galician company dedicated to produce these machines, and it is the fourth brand in Spain after the multinationals Andritz, Alstom and Voith Hydro. 3 years up to now Baliño offered 5MW turbines, but it has increased its capacity until 15MW, according to Prego.
When Baliño begun to work in the sector the technology used was the one of the Swedish company Undenäs. Nowadays this company is part of the group from Vigo that maintains the commercial brand Undenäs Turbin Teknik. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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