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Seven ship ownesr in third countries begin the process to renew its fleet in Galicia

Each company is ready to build a new unit in which design Acemix and Aclunaga are working together Fishing joint venture companies - those with Galician capital that operates in third countries waters - are ready to renew its fleets in Galician shipyards, most of them in Vigo. Although the need of modernize frozen vessels was at the beginning attached to the region wind energy tender, a project in which participate ship owners from the Vento Continup Galego SL society, nowadays the initiative walk alone.
Acemix (Association of Community Companies in Joint Ventures) and Aclunaga (Association of the Galician Naval Cluster) have decided to boost the initial project. The first aim of the fleet renew was to design prototypes for fleets that operate in Malvinas, Namibia and Senegal. The first one in being well defined is the one of Malvinas, a factory vessel longer and with more capacity than the existing ones. Each unit will cost 24 millions Euros, while other units destined to other fishing grounds have not its cost established yet.
"We are working in silence, because we have to solve the legal - economic - financing problems that involve this operation. Until this moment there was 7 the ship owners that have decide to hire one vessel each", explain sources from the operation.
The disposition of both parts, ship owners and shipyards is wonderful, but studies are now focus in how to solve the financing problems because although most of the capital of the companies are Galician, its headquarters are in third countries.
Despite of problems the situation between ship owners and the shipyard managers is optimistic. "We have foreseen that next May the protocol to develop the first project of the new fishing vessel, the one designed to operate in Malvinas will be signed" assure the same sources.
Involved businessmen admit that the process is not easy. " It is necessary to identify which is the vessel to operate in each fishing ground, its operational and competitive advantages, its economic return and the price of each unit" they say.
Acemix perspective is that the first unit will begin to be built this year.
The two association that boost the project have underline that there is a good reception by the Regional Ministries of Industry and Fishing and by the Centre for the Technological Industrial Development (CDTI), belonging to the Industry Ministry. What is the problem to carry out this initiative? Sources from the involved associations - Acemix and Aclunaga - coincide in point out that the difficulty lie in that the companies which are going to receive the subsidiaries have not its headquarters in Spain, although the capital is Galician in most cases.
"Certainly the legal status of the companies is foreigner, but always the important part of the capital is Galician. They are managed from Vigo and contribute to the fishing increase made form Vigo", assure people responsible for this operation.
They explain that "the internationalization", ordered by the administrations, "not only consist in exporting, but also in having production centres abroad. And ship owners are carrying out this with reefer vessel in third countries since many years ago".
They added that to fish in third countries fishing grounds do not mean to loose links with Galicia or Spain. "We are the main fishing suppliers in the Spanish market. Furthermore, our boats are repaired in Galician shipyards and equipments are bought also here", they remember. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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