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Atollvic extends its dry dock to be able to repair big vessels

The shipyard from Moaña will have capacity for pleasure boats bigger than 75 meters Atollvic Morrazo Shipyards received the ok from the Vigo's Port Authority to extend its dry-dock in 30 meters in order to gain depth to be able to repair big vessels. Nowadays with its 180 meters of dry-dock; it has 5 meters depth, which is not enough for some vessels which draft is bigger than this measure. The Marketing Manager of the company, Diego Gómez, says that he received applications from big vessels owners interested in make the maintenance in the Vigo's Ria. According the Port there is not any dry-dock with this capacity in the Ria, although it is very demanded in the market.
The extension will mean an occupation of 270 square meters. The building works budget is 180.000 Euros. Atollvic also plans to extend one of the industrial premises to work under cover with 75 meters long vessels. Nowadays its maximum capacity is for 55meters long boats.

Stone in barges
The shipyard is preparing the basis to extend the dry dock. One barge was loading stone in the A Mosqueira Moaña's pier and moving it to O Latón. During next weeks the building will begun to be seen.
The Port Authority gather information for the Sea Regional Ministry because the dry dock will go all the way to the channel C side, used by fishing boats and the flat-bottomed boats although without no effects on its wide, that will be maintained in 138 meters.
However, once the building works was finished, the company will have to inform of its location coordinates to the Hydro graphic Navy Institute to correct the chart of the area.
The Port impose certain conditions, as the one of respect in a priority way the port exploitation or to leave the improvement made in the concession benefit.

Steel mega yachts
Atollvic, from Vicalsa group, bought installations from Varaderos Piñeiro some years ago to build steel and aluminium mega yachts. It has 2 own designs of sailing vessels, the Atollvic 56, which is 17 meters long, and the Caracola too; which is 21, from the designer Iñigo Echenique.
It is in charge also of the maintenance and repair of big yachts. Apart from the two under cover industrial premises, it has a dry dock area in the open air. The company that is working in a boat, has work until the middle year. (Source: LA VOZ DE GALICIA)

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