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The naval sector from Vigo holds the 41% of the new orders in Spain

Galicia wins in hiring, but the Basque Country is the leader in shipbuilding. Shipyards from Vigo's Ría capture the 41% of the order list from the naval industry in Spain. It is not worse information comparing it with last three months period accounting for the crisis context for the naval sector in all the regions, with a widespread decrease for the whole sector. Galicia has only hire 6 new vessels during 2010, which place it only behind the Basque Country, that signed 10 orders and Valencia, with 8 new vessels during last year. Asturias registered 1 new order while the rest of regions has not new contracts.
According last report of the Naval Sector Management (institution that belongs to the Ministry of Industry), by the end on January 2011, (and from October 2010) Galicia closed six new contracts that increase to 20 the number of vessels in the order list and mean the 41% of the total activity. Then there is the Basque Country with the 34% of the hiring share with 26 vessels in its order list, more units than the ones signed by the shipyards from Vigo, but with the difference of being smaller ships.
The order list of the Vigo's naval is in a little expansion process, taking into account the critical moment of the sector.

A new scientific vessel. This week, Construcciones P. Freire announced the imminent hiring of a new scientific vessel that will be added to a list composed by two off-shore for Norway, an ocean graphic for United Kingdom and a multipurpose investigation vessel for the Qatar University, of a total value of 500 millions Euros, it will have a guarantee from Pymar and Xunta de Galicia.

200 millions. The steel vessels department from Rodman Group has an order list of 200 millions Euros, after the recent signature of a new off-shore vessel for the French oil service company Technip, the value is a little bit more than 100 millions Euros. The keel will be established by the end of the year. Until then the shipyard will advance in the building of another order signed with the North American and Holland consortium McDermott and Ocean Team. It is about a oil platforms support vessel hired in 2010 for 100 millions Euros. Its headquarters, according the company committee sources, will be the Mexican gulf. Both vessels guarantee the maintenance of the 600 nowadays jobs in the shipyards and the full activity in the Teis installations until December 2012.

Two ferries. It has foreseen to close this week the needed guarantees to sign two ferries contract for the Canarian ship owner Armas that together make an invoice of 350 millions Euros. Apart from supporting the operation economically, the Regional Ministry of Industry is trying to free 40 millions Euros from the European Technological Found to finance the building in Barreras of a high technology ecological vessel (named Well testing) for Pemex (Mexican oils).

A seismic boat. The serious economic-financial problems are far away since several months ago. The shipyard from Teis works hard in the construction of a seismic boat (detection of gas bags and oil under the sea) and is still pending of closing a contract for the construction of similar vessels for the Norwegian ship owner Rieber. (Source: LA VOZ DE GALICIA)

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