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Armón launches an ocean Graphics vessel able to observe the bottom of the sea in three dimensions

The Spanish Ocean Graphic Institute (IEO) reached yesterday one of its most pursued aims with the launching of the ocean graphic vessel "Ramón Margalef" in the shipyard
Armón - Vigo, which construction begun in the shipyard MCIES and it was delayed because of the bankruptcy of this shipbuilder. In four months the IEO will incorporate to its fleet this new unit that carries one of the most advanced lab of the world, in which systems to observe the bottom of the sea in three dimensions are included. The vessel cost was 18 millions Euros. The minister of Science and Innovation, Cristina Garmendia, chair the launching event in which Rosalía Mera, ex-wife of the owner of Inditex Amancio Ortega, was the honour guest. Apart from the minister the Government Delegate in Galicia, Antón Louro; the regional minister of Industry, Javier Guerra; the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero; the manager of the IEO, Eduardo BAlguerías, the vice-chancellor of the Vigo's University, Salustinao Mato; and the CEO of Armón, Laudelino Alperi; were presented.
Garmendia said in his intervention before the launching that the "Ramón Margalef" represents an historical milestone for the IEO and for the whole Spanish scientific community as well as for the Galician naval industry. The minister of Science and Innovation said that Spain is already "a scientific, technologic and industrial power concerning the study and the use of marine resources".
Rosalía Mera, demand in her speech the Galician links with the sea, of which she said "is a fundamental central theme of the economical activity of Galician people, who have courage although we are a little bit unknown".
The "Ramón Margalef", 46 meters long will have its base in Vigo, and will develop its activity between exclusive Spanish waters and adjacent seas. It has 10 days autonomy and it can carry on board 11 Scientifics apart from the 12 members of the crew. The new ocean graphic vessel will count on the most advanced technology to study the marine geology, physical and chemical geography, marine biology, fisheries and environmental control.
The "Ramón Margalef" is designed to emit very low levels of noise irradiated to the water, which will allow that its navigation does not affect to the natural behaviour of the fishes around it. To assure the minimum noise, the vessel uses propulsion motors built and fit together over a electrical bedplate, and shut up in a capsule, apart from build some five blade propellers of more than two meters in diameter, bigger than usual in vessels of this movement and power.
The vessel has 3 diesel Motors of 1040 horsepower each and two electrical driving motors of 900 kilowatts. Furthermore it has a dynamic placing submarine system that allows operations with marine vehicles of remote observation. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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