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Freire will deliver the most advance private ocean graphic vessel of the world in two months

The marine investigation vessel is 73 meters long and it has a submarine and a helicopter on board. Freire shipyard is ending the construction of the ocean graphic vessel "Pegaso", which was launched the 17th March of last year. It is the most advanced marine investigation private vessel of the world and it was ordered by Alejandro Burillo Azcárraga, telecommunications sector magnate in Mexico.
The vessel do not excel because of its size, but its special characteristics that make it similar to a big luxury yacht which prize is a secret because in the contract the ship-owner imposed a secrecy clause in this matter.
The ocean graphic will be registered in Luxembourg and will be part of Pegaso's group, one of the societies of the Azcarraga family. This special order to Freire's shipyard has its origin in the big love of its owner, Alejandro Burillo Azcarraga for the submarine world investigation. The vessel will be chartered to universities and investigation centres from all around the world, but its owner has the intention of follow closely the scientific missions. Because of that the shipyard has built in one of the main decks a luxury 120 squared meters house. The boat was built under strict safety measurements; Freire's shipyard built during some months a big top for keep the boat out of the estrangers see. Finally the big top, which aims between others, was to avoid rain and dust imperfections, turned into a trap because of the last year storms.
The vessel is 73.5 meters long and 13 meters wide, but the most important characteristic is that it has 10.000 miles autonomy so it can go to Australia and return without refuel, apart from reach a maximum speed on 17 knots. It has 32 people capacity between crew and Scientifics. It can be seen in San Gregorio with out the big top.
The vessel design allows the accommodation of the crew in 328 squared meters, 294 for the scientific equipment and the other 33.4 for the lab. All the structure of the bridge has be built in aluminium by the company from Vigo Aister.
Submarine and Helicopter
The "Pegaso" is able to house a 9 meters long submarine inside, able to transport 6 people up to 165 meters depth. Its immersion speed is 8 knots.
The submarine built in a shipyard in Trieste (Italy), is located inside the desk and it goes out and return through a hatch and as the shipyard president, Jesús Freire, explains "operates as the ones in James Bond films". The "Pegaso" is also able to transport a helicopter. A landing platform has been designed, and pressing one button it is extended or picked up over the deck every time that the helicopter arrives or leave the boat. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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