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Pescapuerta bets for the VICUSdt technology to introduce the energy efficiency in their vessels

Pescapuerta group's, company dedicated to fishing, transformation and marketing of frozen sea products which head office is in Vigo, has reached an agreement with VICUS dt for the establishment of iprovement measuremets of the energy efficiency in two of the fishing boats that they have in the South West Atlantic fishing grounds. This study wants the obtaining of an energy consumption rate of the boats and the development of a proposal with improvement solutions for the energy saving and the sustainability.

Pescapuerta has set of this initiative because they think that the investment in more efficient and less pollutant vessels is possible and profitable. The oil consumption represents one of the most important expenses of this kind of boats; therefore this proyect is an important step to improve their profit. VICUSdt thinks that a reduction between a 5 and a 30% in the oil expense would be possible, and that they would recover the investment in a period of time from 3 months to 5 years.

It is about a long term strategic proyect with the aim not only of saving expenses and energy but also to reduce the environmental impact of their fleet, in a strong bet for the sustainable development and the environmet protection, because this proyect will allow the reduction of gas emissions as CO2 or NOx.


The two fishing vessels selected for this proyect works in South West Atlantic fishing grounds. For these vessels, forced to realize long trips, is necessary to reach an optimum energy efficiency sailing or fishing.

One of them is a big trawler freezer ship 95 meters long and more than 30 years old, which energy consumption per day is around 160.000kWh. VICUSdt is developing a comprehensive energy audit to identify its expenses profile. The other one is a 100 meters long boat in wich a sophisticated mechanism od energy data will be installed, that will register and analyze the main rates of the power plant, sending the information to the lab so the real performance can be known in the ship owner office.

One of the most important aspects to taking into account is the hydrodynamic behaviour of the propulsion and the resistance to the advance of the hull, as well as the working order of the plant. Propulsion is the main energy consumer of the vessel; therefore the stage the hydrodynamic study of the propulsion system is really important.

VICUSdt has a wide experience in energy auditing and optimizing in the naval sector. They has made studies in 27 CEPESCA's vessels; in 6 Federación Galega de Cofradías fishing ships; and they have worked for other companies as Ibérica de Congelados, Pescanova or HJ Barreras. (Source: www.mundoenergia.com)

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