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Shipyards from Vigo will transfer technology to Brazil just if they build the 30% of their boats

The Brazilian oil industry size up shipyards from Vigo managers to convince them to participate in the construction of the new Transpetro fleet, which is a maritime transport subsidiary of Petrobras. During the meeting, organized by the Vigo's Port Authority president, Corina Porro, different lines of collaboration were explained that nowadays are far from the situation of everyone. The Maritime Manager of Transpetro, Agenor Junqueira, propose to José Francisco González Viñas (Barreras), Manuel Rodríguez (Rodman Metalships), José Luis Méndez (Vulcano) and Marcos Freire (Factoría P. Freire) to set up a shipyard in Brazil to build a part of the Petrobras fleet or to transfer technology.
The president of Barreras Shipyard, González Viñas, explained to the Brazilian commission that what the shipyards from La Ría want is to continue working, and he remind that to set up a new shipyard "is something that takes time" and he propose that the technology transfer would be made if the 30% of the vessels were made in Galician shipyards.
"Other way is no possible to reach an agreement", explained González Viñas, who confirmed that his company and the rest of shipyards "have no intention to transfer their know how without compensations"
"We will reach an agreement if we can build in our factories, and then we will transfer technology and labour workforce. But at least a 30% of the units of each series must be built here", González Viñas said that the agreements should be controlled "by the duality concept" to combined the 2 parts interests
The president of Barreras explained that for Galician shipyards can work in Brazil an agreement between the Brazilian and the Galician Government is needed.
The president of Rodman Metalships. Manuel Rodríguez, made a similar proposal "At least the first ships of each series must been built by the shipyards from Vigo, and the rest in Brazil".
Manuel Rodríguez explained to the Brazilian delegation that "the Ria of Vigo means the 50% of the shipbuilding in Spain" and he added that shipyards are ready to solve any order. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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