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The EU labels Vigo's naval industry as a technological reference point.

The seventh Framework Programme will finance two plans covering noise and vibrations that will include local shipyards. Oceanographic vessels made in the harbour have become an example of the cutting edge in this community sector. In its seventh Framework Programme the European Union considers that the quality level at shipyards in Vigo Harbour is a "technological reference point" for the industry as a whole in the Community, taking three oceanographic vessels made during the last four years as an example of this vanguard: Sarmiento de Gamboa, built by the Construcciones Navales P. Freire shipyard for the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas Higher Research Council; and the Miguel Oliver and the Emma Bardán, both built by the M. Cies shipyard for the Secretaría General del Mar del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Medio Rural y Marino - General Secretariat of the Ministry of the Environment, Countryside & the Marine.

The seventh Framework Programme for Research has funded two projects called Silenv and Besst, which take vessels built in Vigo as a reference point for noise and vibrations. The quality of construction of this trio of vessels will provide a basis for the manufacture of new units in the EU as a whole. The Madrid engineering company Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería TSI has been involved in both projects and will base part of its results on the analysis work done on these three oceanographic vessels. What is more, the links between TSI and Galicia do not stop in Vigo Harbour as they have a pre-agreement with the technology centre at Celeiro on the Lugo coast to carry out acoustic checks on fishing vessels there. This is not, however, the only European or even worldwide recognition of vessels built in Vigo. The Hijos de J. Barreras Shipyard, for example, has received several international awards for specialisation in its ferry vessels, both for their design and finish quality (such as the Martín i Soler and the Sorolla), and the incorporation of the latest technological devices in the units. Furthermore, the Armón shipyard, which built the Intermares training vessel, has also been expressly recognised by the European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Mrs. Maria Damanaki. (Source: LA VOZ DE GALICIA)

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