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The ship-owner Maersk reopens the maritime route between Namibia and Vigo

The Danish company Maersk - one of the biggest ship-owners in the world- reopens route with Vigo. Almost four years after having excluded the port of Vigo of an oceanic route with Namibia that ends in Algeciras, the company just announces the re-establishment of the stopover of Vigo in the transcontinental service of frozen fish. Is the result of a gradual expansion of ports, because since last October, company ships already arrive in the Potuguese port of Leixões.
This decision reinforce considerably the connection between Vigo and Walvis Bay (Namibia), Luanda (Angola) and San Pedro (Ivory Coast) ports and improve nowadays delivery due date, which in some cases was 2 months.
The reason of such a delay was the numerous transfer containers should do, although the usual was the transit getting on five weeks in arrive.
This regular line, which departure port is Algeciaras, continues to Luanda and Walvis Bay and when they are coming back to Europe, ships stop in San Pedro. After this port, containers vessels go to Algeciras, Vigo, Leixões, Lisboa and to Algeciras again where they end the rotation. The weekly service will be attended by ships of the series "T": Thies, Tove, Torense, Thomas y Tinglev Maersk, apart from the Clara Maersk, that reach port today in Vigo.
All are containers carriers of 17,000 tones and 160 meters long, that was inaugurated at the beginning of 90's and that have capacity for one thousand and five hundred containers.
Regular oceanic lines.
Its technical characteristics guarantee a time of navigation between Walvis Bay and Vigo of around twenty days.
Nowadays, the port of Vigo maintains three regular oceanic lines of cargo containers, all of them from the south of Africa.
They are in charge of the USA's ship-owner MAC,S: of the Japanese MOL Shipping, that begin to operate in the port of Vigo in the middle January, and again with Maersk line. (SOURCE: Faro de Vigo)

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