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The naval sector from Vigo will participate in shipbuilding in Brazil and will transfer technology

The naval sector from Vigo has embarked on the search and seizure of international Business. Sector businessmen can not resign themselves to not react in view of the fall of orders of the local shipyards. Both shipbuilders and auxiliary industry have focused themselves on Brazil, a country that in 70's was the second shipbuilder in the world and now is the 7th and that continue rising. Metallurgical Industrial Association from Galicia (Asime) carried out Turing last weeks a commercial mission trough this country, and now it begins to reap the first benefits of its labour. Metal employers announced yesterday that the sector will participate in the shipbuilding of Brazil and that they have been committed to technology transfer and professional training.
"First contracts will begin to settle down next weeks", explains Mr. Enrique Mallón, Deputy General Secretary of Asime. Brazil foresee the construction of 480 ships in next 12 years, as a consequence of important discoveries of petroleum in the area known as Presal, that have shoot up the demand of off-shore platforms as well as all the shipbuilding that goes with extraction, treatment and transport of petroleum.
Mr. Mallón explains that the sale of capital goods for the naval sector in Brazil from abroad is taxed with very high tax, whereas for the oil industry, in which off-shore ships are included, they are very low or nonexistent.
This is the field where the auxiliary companies of the naval sector from Pontevedra hope to work in. "Our main market niches are in the fitting out of interiors, nozzle fabrication, industrial piping or leisure crafts" says Mr. Mallón.
Revitalization of the naval sector
Collaboration with Brazil will spread to then rest of the metal sector, that have found n important market niche in the construction of industrial installations, as well as it maintenance. The forecast is that companies which carry out these works move around to Brazil a minimum part of its staff and the rest of the workers are from the country.
Revitalization of naval sector can be briefed in an almost 100% activity of the existing shipyards. Altogether there are 35 distributed between the regions of Rio de Janeiro (21), Santa Catarina (5) and Rio Grande (9).
The thing that have attract the attention of the metal businessmen that visited Brazil last dates, is the project of the construction of 17 new shipyards.
MR. Julio Gómez Rodríguez, President of Asime, explains that "the economic view that is presented for next years in Brazil is extraordinary and very interesting for the metallurgical sector" he also confirm that "relationships and the treatment received from both institutions and country companies, had been exceptional and we keep up daily conversations with them, therefore we understand, that from this relationship an important business collaboration will be carried out, and we trust in that it will turn into an important order book for our companies (SOURCE: Faro de Vigo)

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