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The Galician naval sector apply for 20 contracts to guarantee their work in 2012

Galician shipyards just have workload for one year. Assembly dry docks will begin to become empty during 2011, with the progressive deliver of 30 ships that still remain in the order book in which, in the last 12 months, only 7 new contracts have been registered. Nobody wants to pronounce the word crisis, but the situation caused by the world fall of maritime traffic made Galician sector to be on tenterhooks. To the point that private shipyards embark on a desperate bidding in contract tenders of all kind of ships with the aim of begin a recovery in 2012, one year before of the analysts of maritime world market forecast, that locate the beginning of the recovery in 2013.
¿Why the Galician naval sector can be recovered before its competitors? At first, "because shipyards are doing everything they can" according the president of Hijos de J. Barreras, Mr. Francisco González Viñas. Ferries, oceangraphics, support ships of all types, but of high added value, to get rid of competitor of low cost, which are not good in state-of-the-art technology.
Contracts at first sight.
In total, at this moments private Galician shipyards aspire to 20 contracts, which construction would begin during 2012.
Hijos de J. Barreras compete in several options: from off-shore ships for Norway to mall luxury cruisers for German and American ship-owners; Freire rely on added to its order book at least 2 news oceanographic; Vulcano has advance conversations to get rid of two seismic ships that are finished and is competing for the sale of several off-shore units, as well as Metalships&Docks, which headquarter Rodman is being studied by Venezuela to sign a contract of a dozen patrol boats, although there would be polyester constructions that do not contribute to the naval order book, integrated excusively by steel constructions.
There is a second reason that would allow the recovery of Galician Naval sector before the rest of competitors: its specialization in support ships for the petrol industry. One year ago, the prize of barrel was 40 euro. Yesterday it still exceeded 80euro and the tendency is to exceed 100 euro in the middle 2010, which is a quantity tempting enough to order ships for the finding of oilfields again, in which the naval sector of Vigo is specialized.

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