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Galician Parliament admit to procedure a popular initiative in order to Fene recover the civil shipyard

The three politic groups of the Galician Parliament agree, last December the 28th, to admit to procedure a popular legislative initiative, promoted with the support of 18,600 signs, to promote the naval sector in Galicia and to give back to the shipyard Navantia-Fene the capacity of built civil ships of big size, capacity that the old Astano lost in the 80's restructuring after Spanish admission in the EU. The citizen platform (Rumbo 21) that promoted the initiative sent to the Chamber a normative text, defended in the parliament of "O Hórreo" by Mr. Jesús Varela Rivas, who appealed to the importance that naval sector has in regions as Ferrolterra and who urge the local government to negotiate with the national government the transfer of idle assets of Fene plant. The voice of the platform also denounced the "incoherence" that represents that the Ferrol's region suffers a "chronic problem" of unemployment, when it has resources and installations without make the most of them, then he ask to the political parties to "pull all together" and avoid conflicting political interests in this debate, because he consider that the old Astano factory, once leading in Galicia, would be faced its last opportunity to recover the building of civil ships.

An "unfair" veto
The parliamentary debate of considering the legislative popular initiative were followed from the audience platform by some of the instigators of the proposal, between the ex member of the regional parliament Mr. Blanco Parga. The first person to give his support were from the BNG, hand in hand with the parliamentary from Lugo Mr. Fernando Blanco, who being councillor of Industry leaded the last real aim of pressuring the National Administration in order to get back underutilised installations of shipyard Fene for the construction of civil ships. Mr. Blanco considered "unfair" the veto imposed to Fene, who describe as "punishment to people from Ferrol and Galicia".

Mrs. Beatriz Soslayo were the responsible for representing the PSdeG-PSOE in this debate, that she took advantage to remember the opportunity given by the Spanish presidency of the EU to try to improve restrictions over Fene's shipyard, she assumed this commitment with the president of the Government Mr. Rodríguez Zapatero.

Finally, Mrs. Natalia Barros from the popular political party bet on work together in favour of Galician naval, a sector -she said- that might works as "dynamizer" element of Galician economy. The initiative will be discussed in the Parliament during next quarter, and if they approve it, it will have loyal level.
[La Voz de Galicia, 29-12-2009].

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