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Vigo will receive a fishing summit during the Spanish presidency of the UE one week before NAVALIA

Vigo will receive the most important fishing summit during the Spanish presidency of the UE (that will begin on January the 1st), that will gather ministers from the 27 countries of the European Union in the city from 5th to 6th of May 2010. This appointment will be held the previous week of NAVALIA's celebration, therefore the foresee May agenda proves the International importance of Vigo on subjects related with sea. The proposal was confirmed last week to the different sectorial agents by the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Maritime circle (MARM), that means, for some of them, "a new support" to the specific importance of the complex sea - industry of Vigo in the common and international fishing. MARM has confirmed officially, according to this version, through a letter. But some weeks ago this new were known in several forums by the Secretary General of sea, Mr. Juan Martín Fragueiro.

Far from seems one more meeting, it is possible that, at least in fishing terms, this summit marks the beginning of the year 0 of the new opening of Fishing Common Policy. A new regulation that will be carried out by the EU members will be used for the first time. New regulation includes as important subjects as the point system for the driving licence in vessels and fishing companies, or the electronic diary of logbook for fishing ships longer than 24 meters.

Vigo's requests
Between special requests that ship-owners from Vigo will ask during the presence of Fishing Ministers from UE, will be to repeat that the important international Vigo's fleet - composed by almost two hundred big magnitude units and included in the fishing companies cluster - wants to reduce the legal circle to the pirate ships that sail around the world. Shipowners also want that an up to date census of this kind of ships will be made, in order to this can be used by fishing and maritime international authorities. Now a day the census has a European character and is not completed because it does not have a global catalogue. To complete the aim, businessmen consider that is necessary as well to develop a biding legal letter about the responsibility of the Government which administers the unloading port of products proceeding of the furtive fishing. [La Voz de Galicia, 26-12-09]

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