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A red "monster" crosses the ría (of Vigo)

Factoría Naval de Marín tries out in the ría (of Vigo) a "supply" that will work in platforms of the Sea of the north. EDITORIAL STAFF- BUEU These days a huge orange boat can be seen from everywhere of the Pontevedra's ria. It is like an authentic marine "monster" that coexist
with the fishing on coastal waters vessels and with flat-bottomed boat workers. Actually it is a kind of ship known under the name of "supply" and its destiny is oil platforms from the Sea of the North.
The ship belongs to Esvagt Company and its name is "Esvagt Bergen". It has been made in Factoría Naval de Marín installations and in its production process also took part Nodosa. The shipyard has buildings in the port of Marín and in the Castiñeiras area, and it takes care of the construction of the steel hull. The "supply" is a striking boat because of its size and design with its reversed stern and looking like a tug boat. It is more than 80 meters long.
The presence of the boat in the ría is due to before its delivery, Factoria Naval de Marín is realizing the appropriate navigation test in order to check hoe does it work. In principle the delivery is plan to be done at the beginning of November.
A twin brother
And it will be not the only one. The Norwegian company also hired the construction of another ship with the same characteristics which is on the final fase of its production. It is on the sea and the remainig process are equipment installation, electric system, ...
When the ships arrive to its destination they will work as support boats for the oil platforms of the Sea of the North, transporting pipes and all the necessary material. In the Factoria Naval de Marín order book also stands out the construction of the biggest sailboat of the world, named "Sea Cloud Husser" which is more than 136 meters long and which has three masts, with a mainmast of 58 meters long. The company begun the construction at the end of last year and its delivery is due on next days.

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