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The naval industry of Vigo has offered to build the firsts twenty fishing boats of the Russian fleet

Barreras and Cardama joins with Factorías Vulcano, Metalships, Polyships, Armón y Freire to be part of the delegation that will go to Moscow in November J. CARNEIRO - VIGO The naval industry of Vigo has already defined a proposal for the Russian government, which has announced last September in Vigo that he would like to build 500 fishing boats until 2020 in order to modernize his fleet and revive his fishing sector. The shipyards interested in this project -Vulcano, Freire, Armón, Metalships y Polyships-, now joined by Barreras y Cardama, have offered to design and build in la Ría de Vigo the first twenty ships of this serie of 500 that will be used as models for the rest of the boats.
The Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine, through his person in charge in Russia, José Luis Paz Escudero, will be the mediator between the Vigo's companies, the Government and the Russians shipowners during the trip that the shipyards will do to Moscow at the beginning of next November.
Directors of the seven shipyards had a meeting yesterday in Vigo in order to agree their proposal, which considers building twenty boats of different categories which value could exceed 600 million Euros, according to the sector, although this amount can change according to the boat category and the negotiation with the Russian's shipowners. La Xunta, through the Industry Authority has sent its support to Aclunaga for this mission.
Metalships argued that: "In principle we've thought about building between fifteen and twenty boats, but even if we only will build half part it will be a success for us, seeing how the sector is nowadays".
In the November assembly, Vigo's shipyards will meet with an important number of shipowners that fish in the Far East (North of Korea) fishing grounds, and who have received fishing licenses for the next ten years, contract that allows them to do important medium term investments.
Russians engineers will participate in designing and building those vessels and then they'll will share their knowledge and feed back to their own shipyards. The Russian delegation who has visited in September the Worldwide Fishing Exhibition with the president of the Fishing Federal Agency has offered to the Vigo's shipyards the possibility of building part of their future fishing fleet and also site and fiscal advantages to settle down in Kaliningrad area.
Russia wants that 90% of those 500 fishing boats will be build in their country and the rest in Spanish, German and Norwegian shipyards. In a meeting with the Russian responsible, Andréi Kraini, the naval of Vigo already told him that there was the possibility of building in Vigo the prototypes boats for his future fishing fleet, due to the fact that the shipyards have decided not to move to Kaliningrad despite of the fiscal advantages and free sites.
Mr Kraini, in an exclusive interview with FARO, has positively valued Vigo's naval offer and has guaranteed that the Russian Government has enough funds to finance those first prototypes. The rest will have to be negotiated with the shipowners.
The disintegration of Ex USSR has practically stopped the Russian activity in the oceans, generating an obsolete fleet composed of more than 4.000 vessels. The Kremlin has set as an objective to recover the splendour of the antique soviet fleet through an ambitious investment plan with state guarantees. The fishing industry recovery turns to be a health them, as the fish consumption per inhabitant is now about 11,6 kilos per year, when the doctors advise to maintain it on 23,7 kilos.

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