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The contracts in the factories of Galicia until the 2016 surpass 7,000 million

The oil industry monopolizes more of a third of the orders at the sector. The awardings of new contracts that continue arriving at the Galician shipyards guarantee service load and stability in the sector until at least the 2016. For that year it is giving to time Barreras, who of to end of year will add here to their portfolio four new seismic vessels for the amount of 400 million euros. Without including this amount, in negotiation process, the investment contracted in the factories of Vigo and Ferrol until that date add the number record of 7,030 million euros. As much as the amount of contracts, the sector values the quality and technological difficulty of the requests. The new multicontract of Vulcano, Freire and Juliana for Venezuela, is added to a portfolio in which more of a third of the orders it is into the hands of average dozen of companies of Norway, with a total of 23 boats of platform support and for works to great depths, as well as outposts seismic units for the detection of deposits of crude and gas under the marine bed. The value is superior to half of the total of the orders, with an amount near the 1,500 million euros, when the numbers of all contracts at this moment in Vigo go up to around the 3,00 million euros.

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