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The Factoría Naval Marín begins the building of the “Hussar”, with a length of 136 metres and a 65 million euro investment This week, the Factoría Naval Marín shipyard began cutting the first sheet metal for the building of the Sea Cloud Hussar, the largest sailing ship in the world, a cruise ship in the classic style, with a length of 135.7 metres and three masts. The design of the ship, by the very sought-after shipping designer Íñigo Echenique, brings back the glamour and splendour of the great cruise ships from the early twentieth century.

The Hussar, which will carry 138 passengers in 69 cabins and three suites, has been commissioned by the German ship-owner Hansa Treuhand Holding AG, which will hand it over to its cruise operator, Sea Cloud Cruises. The new super-sailing ship, which will be delivered in late 2009, will become the fleet’s new flagship, in replacement of the legendary Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II, which, despite being smaller than the Hussar, are known the world over for their classic and elegant style. The interiors have been designed by the specialised studio Partner Ship Design of Hamburg. A team of craftsmen will travel from Germany to the Galician shipyard to make the figurehead by hand, as well as the decoration for the stern mirror, a constant feature in the luxury ships of the nineteenth century.

The news of his new contract for FNM coincides with the presentation of the new Náutical Division of this Spanish shipyard, devoted to making steel mega-yachts under the brand Marin LuxurYachts. The luxury yacht division already has four units underway: three power-driven mega-yachts with a length of 40, 45 and 60 metres respectively, and a 42-metre schooner which will take part in classic sailing ship regattas. The 60-metre mega-yacht will belong to the well-known Spanish businessman Fernández Tapias. The joint cost of these four super-yachts and the Hussar amounts to 150 million euros.

With this order book –new contracts are being negotiated for the next four or five years – the Galician company FNM has become the closest competitor of the main international mega-yacht manufacturers, the Dutch and Italian brands Ferretti, Lurssen and Hessen. This is the aim which was announced when the Factoría Naval Marín was opened, in late 2006, by the company’s executive manager, Pablo Comesaña. Comesaña is considered to be a pioneering businessman in Galicia and Spain in the luxury mega-ship industry.

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