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The Naval Cluster Trains 500 Workers Considering the Lack of Labor in the Shipyards

The cluster believes that its internal course is necessary because “50% of the school syllabus lack relevance” The Galician Naval Cluster Association (Aclunaga, Spanish acronym), made up by 141 Galician companies, is undertaking an ambitious training program specific for the industries mainly located in Vigo and Ferrol. Its shot term goal is to prepare and bring to the sector more than 500 young people, with a training that responds to the real needs of the companies, thus rejecting many subjects that the the Xunta regulated education imparts, and which currently, is outdated. By this, Aclunaga has the intention to lessen the qualify personnel deficit that the Galician sector suffers, at a moment when it is necessary be more competitive, as the Galician shipyards have a work load that covers its availability until 2012.
Is the first time in the history of the naval sector that a course of these characteristics is organized, taught by highly qualified personnel involved is the industries productive process. With these and other courses, which also make up the Training and Job-housing Plan, Aclunaga plans to create a large fund of qualified human resources that will allow to absorb the cyclic work load of each shipyard in all the fields of production. In addition, is also expected that this personnel will have the foundation to access to multifunctional jobs, which favours workers to obtain high levels of independence, which will allow them to approach future times of less productivity in companies, and will guarantee his or her continuity in the sector.
Within this training program, a course about fit out and auxiliary naval industry naval is taking place at the facilities of the company Gabadi S.L., in Ferrol. The 350 hours seminar prepares the students, women and men, to carry out assembly operations, to fit out elements of the naval industry, to follow the work related risks prevention norms, to understand planes and technical documents, and to apply the quality control established procedures, with a syllabus that is adapted to the real needs of the shipyards. At the present, the training is focus in the steel area; that is boilermaking, fit out interiors and exteriors and paint blasting. (Source: la Voz de Galicia).

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