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The Vigo Shipyards Have More Production than All the Other Spanish Shipyards

The shipbuilding production at the 22 private shipyards located in Vigo and in the rest of Spain has being breaking records on the past years. In addition to the good results obtained last year, which include important records, the same trend can be forecast for 2007. Within this important growth stands out Vigo (along with Marín), which builds more ships than all the other shipyards in Spain together.
The 22 Spanish private shipyards joined in the Pymar association will reach a production of 350.000 tons (CGT) at the end of this year, when last year the production was 270.000 tons; which means a 26% growth.
Of the 350 tons, the Vigo shipyards, including the one in Marín, will build about 200.000 tons; which means that the Vigo shipyards produce around 57% of the national total production.
If one compares the production that the Vigo shipyards will reach at the end of this year with the one of last year, the growth is 33%, because last year the production reached 150.000 tons, from which a half of them was produced by Hijos de J. Barreras.
Concerning the working hours employed by the various shipyards, in the Vigo ones workers have done half of the national total. At the end of this year, from the 35 million hours employed by the Spanish shipyards, the Vigo one will close the year with 17 million.
These results show an important improvement compared to last year, but the difference between the shipyards Vigo and the national shipyards is about the same. In 2006 the national results reached 31 million hours and the local results reached 15 million hours. (Source. Faro de Vigo).

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