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Two ships totalling in value some 120 million euros are delivered and launched by two Vigo based shi

One of the ships is a 120 metre offshore vessel built by Metalships and the other is a 160 metre container ship constructed by Barreras Two large-sized ships were the highlight of the day yesterday in the Ría de Vigo – one vessel 120 metres in length was delivered by Metalships & Docks and the other, a 160 metre vessel was launched by Hijos de J. Barreras. The two vessels cost over 120 million euros to build.
Barreras launched the 1300 TEU capacity container ship “CTE Beatriz” commissioned by the Compañía Trasatlántica Española. This vessel, which belongs to the most advanced generation of this type of ship ever to be constructed, is the last delivery in the series of container ships built by this Vigo Shipyard.
This new vessel measures 159.8 metres in length and 24.8 metres in breadth and has a capacity for 1350 containers, which are distributed among the cargo holds and over the hatch covers. When in service, the vessel can reach a speed of 20 knots, which will make it possible to substantially reduce the time it takes to complete the different routes the vessel will undertake between the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands when it begins operating next June.
The total cost of this new vessel amounted to 68 million euros. Of this amount, 30 million euros were used to contract manpower, a portion of which was covered by the shipyard’s workers, with the great majority being outsourced to auxiliary industries.
Everyday Barreras provides jobs to over 2000 workers from other companies. Over one million working hours went into the construction of this vessel.
For their part, yesterday the shipyard Metalships&Docks launched the first offshore vessel of a series of five ships commissioned by the Norwegian shipowners, North Ocean for a total cost of over 50 million euros each.
The vessel “Bourbon Oceanteam 101”, which measures 120 metres in length and 27 metres in breadth, is the largest ship built by this shipyard to date. It will operate in Angola for BP.
This offshore vessel will carry out specialised submarine and transport operations, such as laying electrical cables. The shipyard explains that this is the first vessel of these characteristics, known in the sector as Umbilical Construction Support Vessels, that has ever been built.
The shipbuilding enterprise notes that with the construction of this first unit they rank among the most highly qualified centres in the execution of vessels that require extreme specialisation, such as offshore ships. They added that in this way they will be able to maintain a position where they will stand out in a market that is highly competitive.
Of the other four vessels ordered, the construction of the second vessel is well underway and Metalships expects to be able to launch it next summer. The shipyard has also begun work on cutting the plating for the third ship, which is scheduled for delivery in spring, 2009. (Source: Faro de Vigo).

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