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Vigo Takes Part on the Development of an Automated Intelligent Fishing Vessel

The University of Vigo, Anfaco, and Company Baliño are part of a Technological Consortium coordinated by the Innovamar Foundation. Four research teams from University of Vigo, Vigo, Anfaco, and Company Baliño are part, along with other 20 companies and 24 research teams, of a large technological consortium for developing toguether a intelligent multipurpose vessel, BAIP 2020, a project coordinated by Fundación Innovamar (Marine Industry Development Technological Institute) and leaded by Murueta Shipyard, with a four years budget of 37,5 million euros.

El BAIP 2020 is one of the 16 big projects selected after submitting a tender for the CENIT Program, 21 companies and 28 research teams from seven communities; Andalucía, Canary Islands, Castilla and León, Cataluña, Galicia, Madrid and Basque Country, are involved. The participation in this project is higher than the average in other projects selected.

The technical committee is advised by MAPA, FEOPE, and the Oceanographic Institute of Spain. The BAIP 2020 is also supported by the Maritime Fishing General Department.

All this agents will concentrate their technological research and actions in six different working areas: ship design and building technology; efficient energy and alternative energy; communication and intelligent systems; fishing technology and systems; oceanographic technology and marine environment protection; and security, comfort, and health technologies.
In this CENIT tendering, 16 conjunction projects have been approved; in which the average of participation is 16 companies (59% small business) and 16 research teams. The CDTI (Industry Technological Development Institute), managing organization of the CENIT, will allocate 180 million euros for this 16 projects, which will cover almost 50% of the total investment.

By coordinating this big project for developing automated intelligent ships on the next decade. Innovamar, wants to demonstrate that it “plays an important role” o the promotion of R+D+I in the Marine Sector by promoting business enterprises and catalyzing the Public Administrations actions. (Source: Faro de Vigo)

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