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Galicia Naval Industry Takes up 7% of the EU Orders and 1% of the Worldwide Orders

The sector manufactures alone more than France, Finland, and Denmark together
The contracts with Norway launch Spain to the third position in the European ranking on number of ships ordered The private naval industry of Galicia has help make this enormous stride within the European Community sector, so important, that the order book of the autonomous community is on top of countries such as, France, Finland, or Denmark, is even larger than if we added the order of each one of them.

Tour years ago, Galicia was hardly present in the continental statistics, because it was on a low production cycle; with residual contracts for building fishing vessels, and a few shipyards with unresolved employment regulations. Nowadays, Brussels and private consultancy firms display the information by European regions, just as it is done for other sectors such as, fishing, agriculture or energy; this breakdown underlines the real present strength of the Galician Community in this activity.

The nearly 70 steel ships ordered in Galicia, with 146 vessels ordered at the end of the year 2007 first semester, place Spain as third manufacturer in the Community, behind The Netherlands (246) and Germany (206), which is still the first naval manufacturer of the EC (not only on finished works, but also on raw material), only overshadow by Poland and Romania, two Countries with a long experience in this field. The EC-25 has a total of 947 orders; Galicia represents a 7.3% of this total. According to Uinave, the Spanish shipyards employers` organization, Galicia is already an important element in the worldwide naval sector, with 1% of the contracts out of more than 7,000 ships ordered up to date.

According to the latest figures from Lloyd's Register of Shipping, the Clarkson ,or Fearnleys databases, it can be gathered that Galicia is also well positioned on the specialized ships market, due to its high technological and quality levels, and to the high demand from some of the main shipping companies worldwide.

The most important cases are the different series to be built of last generation ferries; oceanographic research ships; container ships, chemical ships, or tugs; and, specially, the support units for oil platforms and the units for oilfield detection under the sea bed. The main customer is Norway, involved in a vertiginous race for building units for extracting oil. In the Ría de Vigo particular case, twelve highly complex ships have been ordered, which gives an idea about the “state of the art” vessels build by the Galician industry. In total, Galicia has orders until 2012 with a cost of 2,200 million euros. (Source: La Voz de Galicia)

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