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Barreras Hires More than 60 Uruguayan Workers to Strengthen its Auxiliary Staff

The presence of foreigners in naval subcontracting companies of the Ria de Vigo already reaches a 5% of the employment. Taking in consideration the scarce of labour in the Vigo area, the Vigo shipyard Hijos de J. Barreras hired 60 more Uruguayan workers from auxiliary companies to strengthen its staff. The initial contract has a four-months duration. A few months ago a group of workers with the same nationality were subcontracted by the Vigo shipyard Cíes.

In this case is permanent staff from a Uruguayan company, Shipyard Professional Services, from which 32 workers were contacted, a month ago, a similar quantity of workers joined them at the end of last week.

Last weekend, these workers were involved in a threat of strike, after three of them were dismissed. The Uruguayan staff held a meeting and proceeded to create a named base committee, made up by five members, for coordinating the strike. Finally, the person responsible of the Uruguayan company in Vigo revoked the dismissal, after, the work situation and the activity of the company normalized.

According to the labour union sources consulted by FARO, the Uruguayan workers complained about the economic terms that the shipyard offered them. This consisted of a weekly payment of 140 euro of allowance and a monthly salary of 1,200 euros, with 12 working hours daily, and including the extra hours. They also work on Saturdays. Other labour union sources declared that Barreras is applying to these workers the provincial metal agreement, about which they already knew about when they arrived to Vigo, and, which is already required in the contract of employment. Apparently this workers are already members of the Unión Nacional de Trabajadores de Uruguay union.

The same sources pointed out that, since they are permanent employees of the company, they did not need to register in the employment agency. They also maintain that their papers are in order and that they signed an agreement coordinated by the Spanish Social Security and the Uruguayan.

The presence of immigrants in the Vigo naval auxiliary industry is increasing lately. Currently it could be around 5%. In addition to Uruguayans there are Portuguese, Latin Americans, Senegalese, Cubans, and Brazilians. Among them there are trained workers and labourers. (Source: Faro de Vigo)

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