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19th to 21st of May 2026

Vulcano Will Extend Juliana de Gijón for Making Vessels with a Weight up to 30,000 Tons

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The construction, which is on the project stage, will start at the beginning of next summer The Vulcano factories have improve their prospects in the order line up of its affiliate shipyard Juliana de Gijón, which acquired on October the Sociedad Española de Participaciones Industriales (Sepi). The factory from Asturias has signed contracts to build a total of nine vessels that will cost 640 million euros.

After Juliana was purchased by the company chaired Fernando Santodomingo –who, since the beginning, was strongly rejected by the workers of the public shipyard- orders for new constructions have increased in a spectacular way, even on the size of the units. This has forced Vulcano to carry out an extension of the facilities in the shipyard from Gijón, so they can build vessels with a weight up to 30,000 tons, 10,000 tons more than the larger projects that the plant could accept up to the present. Executives from the Vigo shipyard have started a round of consultations with technicians and construction companies to analyze the new project, which will start to be build at the beginning of next summer.

The Director of Juliana, Julio Martin Ramos, explained last week that the planned actions include removing a jetty which divides the dock and the extension to the entrance of the same, which will increase from 30 meters wide to 34 meters. For next year they plan on dredging the entrance to the shipyard wharfs, which will allow the entrance and exit of ships with a deep draft.

The Gijón shipyard works on the construction of the first seismic vessel for the shipping company Rieber Shipping, which will be handed over on February 2008. The Juliana orders line up presents four seismic vessels (two more optional ones); a cement vessel for Tudela Veguín (Grupo Masaveu); two seismic-supply vessels; and two chemical vessels are under negotiation; preliminary stage.

Five chemical vessels will be build in at the Vigo shipyard

The business manager of the Vulcano factories, José Domínguez, underlined the “magnificent moment” that the shipyard orders line up is experiencing, and not only in Vigo, in Gijón too. Since a few years ago, the Vigo plant has specialized on the construction of chemical vessels, and has become a referent in Europe within this shipbuilding area. In addition to the orders from Spanish ship owners, the five new cement vessels that will be built by Vulcan oar for Russian, Cypriot, and Italian vessel owners. Other specialties are vessels for supporting oil rigs which are very popular among shipping companies.
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