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The Fishing Sector Creates More than 70.00 Direct and Indirect Jobs in the Ria of Vigo

The Vigo Ria held during the past days an economic symposium organized by the Financial Club Vigo, which highlighted the importance of the fishing sector and its subsidiary sectors to yield wealth. The person responsible of the fishing port O Berbés and executive of the Port Authority of Vigo, Carlos Losada, remarked that in addition to the 11.000 direct jobs there are almost 60.00 people who have a job indirectly connected with the sector; they live on an income generated from this primary activity working on trading, transportation, or repairs Losada is responsible for obtaining the first ISO quality certification worldwide for the Vigo Port; a very difficult achievement due to the complexity of coordinating thousands of companies and people that attend daily to the fish market and that have to comply with new hygienic, manipulation, labelling, and transport regulations. Losada thinks that it is necessary to reach consensus, objective planning, and equilibrium on the space distribution for “not killing the goovia
se that lays the golden eggs”, because activities of high economic and social interest take place in the port. Losada advised that “any mistake can be irreversible and we can not allow pressure or interested opinions during the decision making”. On his hand, Gonzalo López, President of the Provincial Coldstorage Business Association [APEF (Spanish abbreviation)], remarked the importance of a sector that creates jobs directly for 1.000 people, and indirectly for 4.000 people and that has a year turnover of 240 million of euros.

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