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Spain Will Have a School Vessel Specialized in Naval Repair and Fishing

Spain will have, in a period no longer that two years and a half, the first school-vessel for teaching international fishing studies. The main goal of this vessel is to teach technical education wherever the central Government has firm intention of opening a channel to negotiate a catching quota in third country waters, sharing in exchange their technology and knowledge about fishing and naval science According to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, everything points out that, once the administrative procedure of allocating the vessel to a shipyard is finish, the vessel will be working after a 26 month period. Said sources also mention that “this will be a new resource, maybe the first one with these characteristics worldwide”.
The General Secretariat of Maritime Fisheries informed La Voz de Galicia that the vessel will include various pilot minifactories for manufacturing fishing products, frozen and canned too. The vessel will be also at the disposal of those countries with which the EU wants to establish a lasting relationship for accessing to their resources, or countries that already have joint venture agreements. Sources from the Government add that “with this unit it becomes clear that we are committed to keep and increase business partnership actions abroad and to promote fishing cooperation”.
According to the proposal from the General Secretariat of Maritime Fisheries, the unit will have available on the different decks “all the elements necessary for educating personnel suitable for carrying out a modern fishing activity”, lecture rooms will also be available for teaching theory, technology (engines, shipbuilding, naval repair with fiberglass and sanitary techniques) and also fish transformation, commercialization, marketing, manipulation, new freezing and cooling techniques, the EU hygienic-sanitary regulation, aquiculture, and shellfishing.

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