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21st to 23rd of May 2024

New net-sonar launching

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The american company Wesmar, specialized in fishing detection, has just launched a new net sonar The main newness of the new sonar, the TCS780, are some speed and direction stream sensors in the net entrance, and inside it. The new sonar is a re-design of the famous one TCS770. The streams where the net is , frecuently have different speed and direction comparing with the surface ones. If the net is “flying” in an angle against the stream, it will fly twisted and it will create an additional turbulence and a smaller capture area. If the net is flying just in front against the stream, this will make the net entrance bigger, and the captures will be larger too. The TCS780 projector can also measure the stream speed in the net entrance, to do with the movement of the net. If the net is flying very fast, this will block the water on the net entrance, and will cause a fish escape and excessive spending of fuel.
The TCS780 offers a reliable solution which provides instantaneous data even in low-deep waters.
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