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21st to 23rd of May 2024

Nodosa expands the "New Polar" trawler by 14.40 meters

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The ship has to be ready for the start of the Patagonian squid campaign, at the beginning of 2023

The freezer trawler "New Polar" of Polar Seafish, the Malvinas joint venture, in which the Spanish company Lafonia participates, is undergoing lengthening work. The shipyard last week cut and separated the hull of the ship, separating it into two blocks. In the next few days, a new 14.40-meter block will be inserted, built to measure before the ship's arrival at the shipyard. In addition to the expansion of the warehouse, the work contemplates the renovation of all the refrigeration machinery, also increasing its capacity, and various works in fitting out and fuel tanks. Nodosa also underlines the importance of carrying out the work in record time so that the shipowner can have the vessel at the start of the new Patagonian squid campaign in the South Atlantic, at the beginning of 2023.

Source: Industrias Pesqueras

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