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The Tesol Group presents some of their most innovative products in Navalia

Tesol and Formavigo will attend the trade show with their own stand, from the 24th to the 26th of May.

The Tesol Group, one of the leading companies in the welding industry in Galicia, and its affiliated company Formavigo will attend the eight edition of the International Shipbuilding Exhibition in Vigo, Navalia.

In the stand that the company will have during this international encounter, daily presentations will be held about their three most innovative products. The products that the Tesol Group will bring to Navalia are, firstly, the manual laser welding system. This machine’s design is manoeuvrable and can be adapted for the needs of the user. It has a variety of marking and engraving options (1-400kHz), the machine’s head can be moved up to 360º to work and its speed can reach 8000mm/s.

Furthermore, Tesol will bring its collaborative robot “CO-BRO” to Navalia, a machine that increases the quality, effectiveness and flexibility of the production, it is intuitive, easy to integrate in the workshop and achieves a higher welding performance thanks to Böhler Arc.
Additionally, it will also bring to the public the Purgemaster system, the most recent innovation in welding automation for automatically generating perfect pipes, tubes and tanks. Due to this Simpel and Genius gas purge system, the welder can save up to 90% on its purge, one of the most costly and time consuming operations when it comes to pipe welding.

To guarantee that no oxidation occurs in the interior of the pipes, a gas purge will be primarily performed. This fills the pipe with this fluid resulting in the pipe continuously rinsing itself during the welding. Imagine simply applying gas to where the welding takes place and that the gas inside the pipe follows the torch in the pipe’s exterior. It seems impossible, but it is not thanks to the Purgemaster system, which can decrease the gas system up to a 90% depending of the diameter and length of the pipe. Long washing times and the uncertainty of the ppm level are also avoided during the welding.

For the Tesol Group, which finds itself involved in the process of international expansion, the involvement in Navalia is always a revulsive for its commercial and business objectives, it is also a direct way of showing its power when it comes to technologic innovation and presenting some of the products that have been introduced by them to the market.


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