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Navalia will be the first international fair to be record with drones

Aerocamaras will also bring their latest innovations with drones for maritime inspections and vessel logistics, which allow to attain significant cost and time simplification, as well as CO2 emission reduction.

The drones of Aerocamaras will be the grand novelty of the 8th edition of Navalia, that will be hosted in Vigo from 24th to 26th of May in IFEVI exhibition site. This Galician company specializing in unmanned aircrafts will set its drones to fly to capture high definition aerial images during the fair. It will also be the very first time a fair will be recorded by drones in Vigo. This technology is becoming more and more demanded due to the infinity of maneuvers which allow to capture spectacular takes from an innovative perspective. It’s possible to obtain images from totally different angles with maximum quality and originality.

Jaime Pereira, CEO of Aerocamaras: “ We are delighted to participate together with Navalia in what will certainly be the grand novelty of this edition. Our drones will perform unprecedented recordings using FPV technology, which allows to record aerial flights with first-person view, a revolutionary technique which is being strongly developed in the audiovisual sector”.

What more, Aerocamaras will bring its latest innovations in logistics to Navalia, together with their brands Drone To Yacht for delivery and Drone Maritime, pioneer in the use of drones for inspection and logistic supply for vessels in movement. Both of them are the precursors of the incorporation of drones in those activities, reaching significant milestones such as increasing speed and precision of operations regarding logistic shipments and technical inspections of vessels, obtaining an important cost, time and risk simplification, as well as CO2 emission reduction in comparison with traditional methods, such as speedboats. Putting it in numbers, the mean consumption of an UAV is 1 l of gas an hour, versus mean consumption of a speedboat which reaches between 100 and 150 l an hour.

The consulting team of Aerocamaras will address any doubt should the visitors have at their G09 stand at Navalia, where their impressive drone AreoHyb will be exhibited, an own-developed machine used to perform logistic activities. This UAV is their latest innovation with 7 hours of autonomy, the biggest one on the market, facilitating shipments up to 5 kg.

“Although we are used to see them over the earth’s surface, our drones are also revolutionizing the sector of maritime logistics. As their incorporation simplifies the traditional speedboat transport, it also reduces the time and increases the precision of the delivery. Our drone pilots demonstrate exceptional agility and they are capable of delivering the load directly on the boarding platform in movement, without the necessity of any additional maneuver or detaining the vessel to load the material, which implies a great progress for the logistics sector in the area of planning and cost optimization” explains Jaime Pereira, the CEO of Aerocamaras. 

 About Aerocamaras
Aerocamaras is a leader in drones in Spain, Europe and Latin America. Pioneer in development, training, sales and profesional services regarding unmanned aircrafts. In 2021 they achieved a turnover reaching 5,9 million euros, doubling the previous year’s numbers.
Currently, together with 90 employees on board, they lead the training sector as the best drone pilot school, endorsed by more than 30,000 alumni. The company boasts pliot training centres which have become a national reference, with more than 40 schools located across the country. It’s main asset comparing with its competitors is AeroHyb hybrid drone, an unmanned aircraft with autonomy up to 7 hours focused on professional services such as logistics, technical inspections, emergencies, security, audiovisual industry, topography or precision agriculture.

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