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Endurance is launching a new scalable modular battery system at Navalia for electrifying low voltage boats of all sizes

It is presenting a solution that adapts to needs of 80% of vessels

Endurance Motive has developed a new scalable modular battery system that is a significant breakthrough in relation to the technology available on the market for low voltage boats of all sizes. Behind this in-house development lies the work of a team of seven engineers and the drive of a company that has made the electrification of maritime transport one of its main objectives.

The company will be present for the first time at Navalia, one of the most important international events for the naval industry that is taking place in Vigo from 24 to 26 May and this year 400 exhibitors from 90 countries and more than 25,000 visitors are expected. 

According to Ander Muelas, its president, “this is a solution for the electrification needs of approximately 80% of vessels, which is what the low voltage market represents in the maritime sector”. It is plug and play technology, which combines lightness and economic returns with between 3500 and 5000 life cycles, “characteristics that have been unavailable until now on the market” adds Ander, who stresses the importance of its modular and scalable design to adapt to the energy needs of all kinds of vessels.

The new propulsion system presented by Endurance is characterised by having 48V and being able to connect up to 16 modules or 3200 Ah (160 kWh) in parallel. Also, it makes it possible to view the SOC through its own or commercial displays with a communication gateway. It also has a casing that is 100% aluminium, a quick IP65 connection and 2 types of modules, one that is 9.6 kWh and high intensity discharge and another with a greater capacity of 10.08 kWh and a 1C discharge.

It has an energy density of 7.5 kWh/kg or 134 Wh/kg and an IP65 module and, in terms of safety, in addition to the properties of LFP lithium known for being safer, there is the development of smart and safe modularity with independent shutdown.

With this pioneering development, Endurance has managed to offer the best solution thanks to its high level of efficiency, its competitive installation costs and its adaptability to a wide variety of vessels, “ultimately we seek to put an innovative solution on the market that enables us to roll out the largest number of batteries possible”.

Endurance Marine objectives for 2022 financial year

The 2022 financial year is essential for the launch of the Marine department, as important strategic actions have been activated such as the Alianza Net Zero Mar (Net-Zero Sea Alliance) promoted by Iberdrola and led by the Valencia Port Foundation and participation in a Horizon Europe project through a consortium of several countries. A battery project for 2 hybrid barges for France has also been successfully delivered and the company is focused on sealing an order for 5 more vessels with an important Galician shipyard. 

Also, the company is working on an integration agreement with different EV charger manufacturers to roll out charging points nationwide for vessels and they have just received an order to deliver the batteries for a manufacturer of electric recreational boats. 


About Endurance Motive

It is a Valencian lithium-ion battery company for electric mobility. Founded in 2018 by Ander Muelas and Carlos Navarro, it made its debut in July 2021 on the BME Growth market, where, after its flotation, its value has increased by 130%. It focuses its work on three sectors: industrial, naval and urban traction. It is currently consolidating its presence in France and Germany.


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