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Freire reconverts a 110 meter offshore boat into an "unprecedented" oceanographic for Schmidt Ocean Institute

The "Polar Queen", built by the shipyard in 2011, will be the "Falkor (too)" of the American philanthropic organization

Freire Shipyard in Vigo advances recovering of the offshore support vessel for the oil industry "Polar Queen", built by the Vigo shipyard in 2011, into an "unprecedented" oceanographic facility for the philanthropic organization "Schmidt Ocean Institute" focused on marine research. Officials from the organization visited Vigo to find out how the adaptation projects for the ship, renamed "Falkor (too)", are being developed.

Among the characteristics the ship will acquire, its capabilities for scientific research and versatility stand out. This boat is 110-meters long and has a capacity for 97 people. Freire Shipyard especially highlights the 960 Sqm of her work deck that enables several systems and scientific equipment installation and deployment, which enables "the perfect adaptation of the ship to the scientific mission that is intended to be carried out at any given time".
The ship will also have a 150-ton capacity crane with an active movement compensation system for the precise deployment of equipment and the performance of tasks on deck. It will also have a gondola where the new acoustic equipment will be housed, which will allow the seabed mapping and the bottom profiler to 11,000 meters deep. The shipyard will also install new gantries for the deployment of equipment on the side (such as a CTD rosette), and on the stern (ROV, magnetometers, profilers, and box corers).

Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI), created in the United States in 2009, supports oceanographic research by providing collaborators with free sailing time aboard its research vessel “Falkor” and expert technical support on board. The ship has just been donated to Italy's Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) to promote marine research in the Mediterranean. Since its creation, the organization has supported more than 60 expeditions around the world.

Source: Industrias Pesqueras

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