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Norway hires Navantia to audit its frigates before their modernization

Spanish company has had an agreement since 2013 to provide support in the maintenance of ships

Norwegian Navy has once again opted for Navantia to entrust it with work on its frigates, which were built in the old Bazán in the 2000s. The state enterprise has just signed a contract with the Norwegian Defense Material Agency (NDMA) to provide technical support prior to the Fridtjof Nansen-class frigates F-310 modernization.

This decision, which opens the door to possible new orders for the company chaired by Ricardo Domínguez, confirms the trust Norwegian Navy has always kept with the shipyard. Under this agreement, Navantia will carry out a configuration audit of the frigates to integrate in the ship design documentation every modification required by the agency in the orders before their future modernization.

The relationship between the naval company and the Norwegian Navy has been expanding in recent years aiming to be in charge of maintenance and support tasks for the life cycle of the ships. In fact, in 2013, Navantia signed an agreement with Norwegian Navy in this regard, under which different orders have been developed to provide several services.

Although the Navy's support to Navantia has always been unequivocal, after the greatest stressed moments after the Helge Ingstad frigate sinking and the first attempts to cast shadows over the shipyard from Ferrol, this agreement definitively clears that stage away and returns meek waters to a fluid relationship.

The Spanish state shipyards commitment to the Norwegian country gets reveal on the existence of a delegation in Bergen. To meet Nordic Navy requirements, personnel from the Ferrol factory is moved often to carry out the jobs required.

Source: La Voz de Galicia

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