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European shipbuilding requests funding and support to benefit from the green deal objectives

SEA Europe shows its "full" support to the legislative program "Fit for 55"

SEA Europe, the European shipbuilding association, fully supports the goals of the “Fit-for-55” legislative package, i.e., a strategy for climate change and for zero-emission waterborne transport by latest 2050. SEA Europe firmly believes that this legislative package – as the European Green Deal – will offer stimulating opportunities for Europe’s shipyards and maritime equipment industry (known as “maritime technology sector”). However, at the same time SEA Europe believes that more efforts will be required to turn the EU’s ambitions on climate change into true economic opportunities as well, especially for Europe’s maritime technology sector

The institution pointed out that with Covid-19 Asia’s competitive distortions have only but aggravated. Almost all recent orders for newbuilt vessels, including for green vessels, have been placed in South Korea or China, also by European shipowners, due to low prices offered by Asian yards “benefitting from past and present state support”. Therefore, SEA advises specific policy actions will be needed to enable Europe’s shipyards and maritime equipment industry to reap the promising benefits from the European Green Deal.


SEA Europe recalls that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for the transformation of waterborne transport towards a zero-emission mode of transport, due to the large variety of ship types and ship trades Therefore, SEA Europe calls to research, develop, financially support, and legally ascertain all options for clean technologies, alternative fuels, and their optimal integration onboard vessels

On the inclusion of shipping into EU ETS, SEA Europe calls for the entire reinvestment of the revenues generated from this inclusion as well as from the penalties for non-compliance under FuelEU Maritime in the European maritime sector, including the maritime technology sector. In this respect, whilst underlining the need for continued financial support for RD&I to achieve zero emission waterborne transport, SEA Europe stresses that revenues from EU ETS should primarily support the onboard deployment of implementable energy-saving technologies and zero-emission solutions as well as the deployment of green infrastructure.

At the same time, and On FuelEU Maritime, -the roadmap to promote clean fuels in the maritime industry -, SEA Europe, also recalls that the availability of sustainable alternative fuels will not exclude competition on sustainable fuels in the future. That is why, it calls for more emphasize on the most energy efficient technology because sustainable fuels, even if produced from renewable sources, will be done at a higher cost than current conventional fuels

Source: Industrias Pesqueras

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