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Spanish Cardama Shipyard ensures workload for the whole year 2022

The company signs the construction of a 73-meter-long dredge

Cardama shipyard from Vigo ensures a workload for the entire 2022 with several ship building contracts that has just tied up and activity in ship repairing. The company signed the construction of a 73-meter-long dredge, the order will take effect in two to three months. In addition, they were able to reactivate a contract that had been in 'stand by' for a long time. It is a multipurpose tug for Senegal stopped for a long time due to changes in the African Government. The hull of the ship has been made and the shipyard will now resume the work.

Apart from that, ship repairing activity is intense with several relevant projects agreed for 2022 that guarantee work at complex times for the shipbuilding industry, according to the company.

In addition, Cardama has another ship in its facilities already completed and is pending to sale. It is a surveillance patrol Denmark hired the defunct M. Cíes more than 10 years ago, it was awarded to Cardama but the shipowner cancelled it.

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