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Ferri equips ''Blue Eagle'' vessel to join Mexican group Durandco

Built by Astilleros Armón, it was presented as the ''most modern process vessel in the Gulf of Mexico''

Industrias Ferri has developed various equipment for the deck of the Blue Eagle, the latest vessel to come out of Astilleros Armón for the Mexican group Durandco. This is a hybrid motorized vessel intended for the production, storage and offloading of crude oil, which is equipped with the most advanced technology. Ferri's equipment includes several electro-hydraulic cranes, one of which has the capacity to handle 20 tons at 20 meters on an oil platform in offshore conditions. The vessel was presented by Astilleros Armón as the ''most modern process vessel in the Gulf of Mexico'' and as a milestone for the Spanish shipbuilding industry.

The Blue Eagle is an FPSO (production, storage and transfer of crude oil) vessel measuring 106 meters in length, 25 meters in beam, 32 meters in height and displacing 10,406 tons, and is especially suitable for offshore operations. It is the first of its class equipped with hybrid propulsion by combining diesel and electricity. The vessel joins the Blue Marine division of the Durandco Group, one of the largest offshore service providers in Mexico and Latin America.

Industrias Ferri has equipped a large part of the Blue Eagle's deck equipment. The systems designed and developed by Industrias Ferri include two combined anchor windlasses (with a 60K3 chain reel, a mooring reel for 260 meters of 60 mm forestay and an electrically variable displacement hydraulic motor drive), two stoppers, two electric vertical winches (with a capacity of six tons at 16 meters per minute) and two articulated electro-hydraulic cranes, one for onboard loading operations and the other for handling personnel and cargo outside the vessel.

The first electrohydraulic crane is specially developed for oil platform cargo handling in offshore conditions, with a capacity of 20 tons at 20 meters or 10 tons at 31 meters. In case of personnel handling, it can operate with two tons at 32 meters in offshore conditions. The second is intended for cargo handling on board. In this case, its capacity in protected waters is 6 tons at 16 meters, and offshore is 3 tons at 16 meters or 6 tons at eight meters, the company explains. It also adds that all Industrias Ferri's equipment for the Blue Eagle has been designed, manufactured and tested according to DNVGL regulations, and has the capacity to operate in ATEX (explosive atmospheres) environments.

Source: Industrias Pesqueras

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