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The chain revolution has arrived

Innovation in the chain field is not only possible, but necessary, and it can be done. Murlink is the only fully integrated producer of synthetic chains, from the thread to the finished product with dedicated services.

 At Murlink we don't want to just sell a chain. We have the largest product range on the market, with up to 176 tons of minimum breaking load (44 tons in lifting and 88 tons in lashing) and the option to customize the chain 100% to suit your needs. We have created an experience in which you will feel accompanied. The success or failure of the implantation may depend on this. That is why we are by your side throughout the entire process through what we call Murlink 360.

Murlink 360: our comprehensive proposal

Murlink 360 is our proposal for integrated solutions and services that provide a complete experience in everything related to the acquisition and implementation of synthetic chains. Together with our R&D and application team, we stand by the customer's side to meet their needs before, during and after the process. Murlink 360 covers six important needs:

  • Implementation through a customized project, to meet the needs
  • Manufacturing records and certification management
  • Support in the management of the useful life
  • Training in the use, supervision of the installation and extension of the service life
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of chains in use
  • On-demand on-site service to resolve any issues that may arise.

The best chains on the market

Murlink® chains are made from Dyneema®, the strongest fiber in the world ™. We have moved beyond heavy steel chains to offer this new product that is eight times stronger, 80% lighter and 35-50% more efficient. It is more productive, resistant, sustainable, and softer than what you can find on the market today with all the advantages of QSHE.

Experience and professionals

Murlink has a technical and professional team at the customer's disposal with extensive experience in project management so that the result is tailor-made and with maximum efficiency.
The objective is clear. We want to offer a complete experience that will transform the way you work and make the implantation of synthetic chains safer, more efficient, modern, economical and durable in your day-to-day life. It is the moment of efficiency.


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