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Armón launches the sixth vessel for Nueva Pescanova

The "Ponta Timbué", a modern freezer beam trawler 32 meters long, will fish shrimp in Mozambique

Las instalaciones de Astilleros Armón en Vigo acaban de acoger el acto de botadura del “Ponta Timbué”, otro de los nuevos buques con los el Grupo Nueva Pescanova está renovando parte de su flota de Namibia y Mozambique.

The facilities of Armón Shipyard in Vigo have just hosted the launch of the "Ponta Timbué", another of the new vessels with which the New Pescanova Group is renewing part of its fleet in Namibia and Mozambique.

The "Ponta Timbué" is a modern freezer tangonero 32 meters in length with capacity for 22 people which will fish for shrimp in Pescamar, the Mozambique branch of the Grupo Nueva Pescanova. Its name has been chosen by the captains of the branch and responds to a geographical point on the Mozambican coast. It incorporates state-of-the-art equipment, such as energy-efficient engines that allow high performance, reducing consumption and emissions, as well as improvements in the on-board processing system and greater comfort for crews.

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