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Gondán and Balenciaga join in an alliance for the construction of four innovative ships, benchmarks in renewable energy

They will be two SOV’s (Service Operation Vessels) and two CSOV’s (Commissioning Service Operation Vessels)

Spanish Gondán and Balenciaga shipyards have joined forces to achieve an offshore wind sector ambitious shipbuilding project of Norwegian ship owner Østensjo Rederi A / S, ØR. Namely, these two companies integrated in PYMAR have been chosen by the shipping company to manufacture four latest-generation ships for the offshore wind sector, which will be ready to sail with zero emissions, thanks to hydrogen propulsion. For the CEO of PYMAR, a society that brings together private shipyards, Almudena López del Pozo, “in the current context of global crisis, the role that the naval industry can play is even more relevant for our country to aspire to a solid economic recovery”. "These new contracts have become a reality thanks to the existing legal security framework in Spain," he said.

In his opinion, this success story "corroborates the excellent collaboration between the associated shipyards and its rapid adaptation to any situation in the most avant-garde markets." "The cutting-edge technology of the PYMAR partners repositions this sector of the Spanish industry on the podium of international shipbuilding", he assured. In addition to projecting a positive image of the sector abroad, López del Pozo believes that this good news "will be an important boost for a future order book."

Innovative formula

The joint, collaborative and commercially innovative action, as well as the know-how between Gondán and Balenciaga has made the ØR shipping company trust them to execute its ambitious project. With more than 40 years of experience, Østensjo Rederi is immersed in the field of offshore wind energy. This incipient sector, but with great potential, led the Norwegian shipping company to announce, last October, a shipbuilding program that included four leading units to support the operation of offshore wind platforms, two CSOVs (Commissioning Service Operation Vessels) and two SOVs (Service Operation Vessels), with the latest technological advances incorporated.

ØR then began conversations with Gondán, who has already ordered sophisticated ships up to 13 times. Integrated in PYMAR, Balenciaga and Gondán are companies of similar business size that have previously studied the possibility of undertaking developments together. With this operation, they have materialized their alliance and as a result of it, the construction program will be fully addressed by Spanish shipyards.

The ships

The project includes four ships: two SOV’s (Service Operation Vessels), of 84 m length and a 18.60 m beam, will support the maintenance of wind turbines; while the other two CSOVs (Commissioning Service Operation Vessels) of 88.30 m length and 19.70 beam, will participate in the commissioning of wind farms, in addition to maintenance tasks.

These units will be unique in their class for being pioneers in incorporating the following aspects in their design:

• An innovative technology that will allow zero emission operation in the near future, thanks to the use of hydrogenated liquid (LOHC) as a source of propulsion.

• A new generation configuration of diesel-electric propulsion, which reduces fuel consumption (Blue Drive + C Star).

• Voith cycloidal thrusters with permanent magnet motors. This technology, consisting of the transformation of a conventional cycloidal drive into a 100% electric drive, will result in a reduction in weight and consumption, while minimizing acoustic emissions.

• Installation of a compensated gangway for the transfer of technical personnel to the wind turbines, of an entirely electric architecture with the capacity to recover energy that, after being stored in the battery packs installed on the ship, will be able to meet the needs of peak demand for power, and integrated remote control system.

• An advanced recovery system for all heat sources on board, which allows maximum use of energy.

The CSOVs will have an accommodation for 120 people. To achieve greater stability, ships will be equipped with stabilization systems for static and dynamic mode. Besides, the SOVs will allow accommodation of 60 people and cutting-edge technology as the CSOVs.

(Source: Rotación)


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