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21st to 23rd of May 2024

Armas Trasmediterránea launches an investment plan to renew and modernize its fleet

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The shipping company added two modern vessels to its fleet recently, " Volcán de Tagoro" and "Villa de Teror"

Armas Trasmediterránea is immersed in an investment plan that will allow them to renew and modernize their fleet, closing various structures and leasing operations to incorporate these units into its fleet plan, which, it should be reminded, was already started in 2016.

In fact, the shipping company incorporated two modern vessels into its fleet last year, "Volcán de Tagoro" and "Villa de Teror", involving an investment of over 130 million euros, to replace "City of Cádiz” ferry, a boat from 2004 sold in December 2019.

"Volcán de Tagoro" was one of the 2019 innovations on high-speed boats, while "Villa de Teror" incorporates an exhaust gas treatment system that reduces nitrogen oxides, in addition to an approved ballast water treatment equipment respectful with marine ecosystem.

Within 2020 company's program, it is planned to incorporate the newly built vessel “Ciudad de Valencia”, a ship built in Vissentini's Italian shipyards and which will join the company's fleet in June this year through a long-term Time Charter contract.
Mentioned vessel will replace some of the company oldest units, operating one of the main lines of Balearic Islands, the night line between Valencia and Palma, increasing significantly the ship’s hold capacity, with 2,564 linear meters of cargo and capacity for 1,000 passengers.

On the same line, it is planned to incorporate a "Volcán de Tagoro" twin ship in 2021, which is already under construction and will entail an additional investment of nearly 70 million euros, undertaken with an external financing structure, for which Armas Group Transmediterranea has been advised by Alantra.

(Source: Rotación)

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