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Nodosa opens 2020 with a porfolio of six new construction ships

The shipyard maintains its innovative position within the Spanish sector

The company Nodosa Shipyard, with yards in Marín and ships in Castiñeiras (Bueu) and Mollavao (Pontevedra), has become one of the main references of the shipbuilding sector in Galicia and northern Spain. This shipyard will begin 2020 with a work portfolio of six new buildings, in different stages of development. And it also does it without leaving the field of its birth, the ship repairing, four ships are now in its docks the workers are fitting out. Nodosa's spokesman, Rafael Outeiral, confirmed more contracts are being studied for the construction of ships, but they are still in the negotiation process and they are still not official. In the second half of the year 2019, two trawlers have been launched in Nodosa for a Dutch company, vessels that will fish between the Netherlands, Great Britain and the English Channel. A third vessel is already in its final stage of construction and is expected to be delivered to its owners along this January.

In the steel phase there are two large-scale fishing vessels that will be destined for the South Atlantic fishing ground, one of the main ones in the Galician fishing fleet. It should be underlined Nodosa has the construction of Argos Cíes and Monteferro as one of their best achievements in recent years, two ships that place Marin city on the international shipbuilding stage. Regarding the ships being built right now in their docks for Vigo’s shipowner, one is for Pescapuerta and the other for Rampesca. Outeiral explained that a new auxiliary mussel vessel is in the hull manufacturing phase. This is one of the initiatives of the shipyard R + D + I department that will allow the mussel filtering and cooking process to be carried on board. Two small container ships must be added to these vessels, for Greenland, which are in the cutting phase at Nodosa facilities in Bueu. They are two twins, 40 meters long, for a Danish company, which will imply Nodosa entry into a new niche market.

In the field of ship repairing, there is a tuna vessel of a Basque company in the stands of Marín that works in the Pacific; as well as the Loitador, a trawler; and two small French tuna vessels. The latter two will be lengthened in the stern to improve their fishing activity. The first one has begun, and the second one will be completed. Ship repairing is a sector Nodosa enjoys great prestige and pampers since its foundation.

Ecostreat, a project that will improve ship blasting and painting

Nodosa Shipyard participates, together with Chorro Naval and Industrias Ferri, in the development of an environmental character project called Ecostreat, officially presented in December to the public. This is the design and manufacture of two models of cabins - for ship painting and blasting - that reduce environmental impact and improve work efficiency.

(Source: La Voz de Galicia)

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